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Is Your TMS Helping or Hurting Your Competitive Differentiation?

6/9/14 3:59 AM | Thought Leadership Is Your TMS Helping or Hurting Your Competitive Differentiation?

How 3Gtms TMS system for 3PLs that delivers cost-saving efficiencies & tools that provide you with competitive advantage to win new business. Learn more.

The competitive landscape for 3PLs is tough. You want to sell the value of your services, but when the TMS system technology that is key to your offering fails to create a lot of value, you are working from a deficit in any competitive deal. Unfortunately, until recently 3PLs have not been well served by TMS software solutions. 3Gtms saw the opportunity to create something that’s not only new for the industry, but delivers more efficient processes that save money, and gives you a real advantage when competing for new business.

We developed our TMS solution, 3G-TM, using decades of TMS expertise, all of the hits and misses from previous development efforts, and planned out what the ideal system would look like. We incorporated the best ways to increase performance and streamline processes in a solution that is easy to use, install and maintain.

Following are several identifiable advantages to 3G-TM and conversation starters that you can use to engage with your prospects:

“Our single platform TMS drives efficiency and saves money allowing us to react to last minute changes far more quickly. Let me show you how…

Our totally new, single platform solution was built it on today’s technology, with the latest, best practices and streamlined processes built into one application, with one database and embedded optimization. This is what we mean by a single platform, as opposed to other TMS products that consist of multiple applications offered by the same company with integration to make them work together. Simply put, it’s the difference between planning with a few simple clicks vs. accessing multiple applications that are more complicated, time consuming and less responsive to changes throughout the day.

Because our system is built on a single platform, where all data is within the application, you can optimize loads in real-time as many times as you would like. This allows the addition of more orders whenever you want to consolidate more and subsequently saves more money.

“We have capabilities that help you negotiate rates better and achieve lower costs than our competition. Let me show you why….”

Unsurpassed rating flexibility enables you to negotiate and execute better rates, improve performance and make more informed decisions without requiring the use of expensive 3rdparty rating tools for LTL rating.|

“We can give you the ability to make more money on your freight…”

Pricing management is far more detailed than other solutions. This allows you greater flexibility to charge your customers or set up rates based upon margin targets or to create more competitive bids to win more business. It allows not only simple markup, but more complex buy/sell pricing arrangements.

“We can implement you faster than our competition because we control our own TMS which includes an integration hub to speed time to use…”

Our TMS has a unique integration hub which enables us to onboard on our own schedule to get our customers up and running faster and simplify ongoing system maintenance. (Read our Integration blog HERE for more details)

“Our TMS was available as a SaaS solution or on-premise which let us control our customer implementation schedules better…”

The largest 3PLs have maintained the ability to present their solution and services as unique.  One of the larger complaints against SaaS TMS solutions is that the 3PL is completely beholden to the TMS vendor.  For integrations, this can be disastrous as your time to revenue is now delayed by your TMS vendor’s back log. Our TMS can be either SaaS-based or on-premise, which gave us the flexibility to choose to be hands-on in implementing and maintaining our customers.

3Gtms Provides Pre-Sales Negotiation Support

In addition to giving you specific advantages that you can talk through with your prospect, our system also gives you pre-sales negotiation support. Parcel, LTL and TL rating capabilities allow for far better analysis, and even the ability to look at historical, current and projected rates across all modes. This is not available in other TMS solutions.

You can also determine, in the pre-sales stage, whether a potential customer is profitable, even when there is little historical shipping data available. You can run multiple “what if” scenarios during pre-sales with a customer, as well as during carrier negotiation, to know more about the potential impact of a pricing change.

Choosing a Better Way

Now, you have the opportunity to select a system that was developed with the specific needs of 3PLs built in. One that provides new and different TMS capabilities for better service, smarter planning and cost savings for your customers, while expanding your selling opportunities.

Want to know more? Reach out to us at 203.513.9336 or email info@3gtms.com