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3Gtms Launches “Smart Start for Freight Brokers” TMS Implementation Program

11/30/21 11:00 AM | Freight Brokers 3Gtms Launches “Smart Start for Freight Brokers” TMS Implementation Program

Best-in-class brokerage TMS with all the digital features and integrations needed by today’s growth-minded truckload broker.

3G, provider of 3Gtms, a leading transportation management system (TMS), and Pacejet, an advanced multi-carrier shipping software, today announced the latest revolution in TMS technology for freight brokerages. 3Gtms’ Smart Start for Freight Brokers delivers full-featured brokerage functionality, typically live in 10 days, all on a platform that a broker will never outgrow.

With Smart Start, freight brokers go live with a templated installation process for their end-to-end operations, including; load board postings, no-touch carrier onboarding, visibility, and dispatch/load tendering. Once live brokers can grow their business beyond brokerage, expand into managed transportation and contract 3PL, LTL and Parcel, load planning, or specialized services based on customer demand. Features that already exist in the same software that will grow with brokers for their entire lifecycle.

Compared to other TMS providers in the industry, many only support brokerage with no true 3PL capabilities. While others require massively complex and expensive installations. 3Gtms combines the high-end digital capabilities brokers want now with the option for future functionality they will likely need as they grow, all in a quick, time-to-value, affordable, and simple offering.

“This is not a “light” or reduced feature version. It is the same cloud software used by our large $1Billion+ 3PL clients,” said Dave Sapenzia, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales for 3Gtms. “We have put massive effort into hiding and reducing complexities, but these advanced features are in the system ready for you to turn on as needed – you will never outgrow this system or need to replace your TMS again.”

3Gtms has already implemented several freight brokers using Smart Start for Freight Brokers, including Bestway Freight Solutions. Riley Wiles, Managing Partner at Bestway, explained that “the ability to double our revenue will depend on two things: technology and LTL awards. Since implementing 3Gtms, we already feel like our largest customers have invited us to take a seat at the table on a whole new level.”

3Gtms Smart Start for Freight Brokers was developed for companies like Bestway, who were limited by their previous technology and needed a simplified, affordable implementation process with software that they will never outgrow.

Learn more by visiting the 3Gtms website.